I Ching Divination

In today’s society, humans are faced with great difficulties they themselves may not be able to address.   The I Ching provides a medium through which people can consult with the Divine presence directly.  The suggestions, insight and advice provided is offered from a greater spiritual perspective, one that can see the end and beginning of a situation, and therefore can advise on the process in between.  How can we act in order to achieve our highest good, that which benefits our evolution the most?

Sometimes we veer off the path; sometimes we get lost; sometimes we are befuddled in confusion; sometimes the signs are not clear, or our own intuition is not clear.  These are the times when consulting the I Ching are highly beneficial for a person.  It provides a beacon, a guiding light out of the darkness, into the light.

The I Ching Divination practiced here is using the “Xian Tian” method.  Literally translated, Xian Tian means “before Heaven,” but its symbolic meaning refers to “soul.”  This means that through the medium of the I Ching, the reader can access your soul’s information database within the Akashic Records.  Therefore, this is not the traditional coin toss and hexagram I Ching. The I Ching luopan is simply utilized as a tool to access the Universe’s database of information.  So in a sense, the I Ching is the Universe’s computer terminal; like a computer terminal, the hardware is the means by which information is accessed and exchanged.

The I Ching consultants in the World Public Welfare Association have all undergone individualized training under a Master of the highest attainment (Chairman Zong-Lin Wu) and have received an official “license” recognized by the Divine to access the Akashic Records on the customer’s behalf.  As such, this method has deep roots in the Chinese metaphysical tradition, with a rich 5,000 year history.

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Learn About Your Past Lives

(Pt. 4)  X. decided to plan another trip to learn the I Ching, as he only had less than a week’s time left in Taipei.  He took the Master’s advice to look at his past lives to understand his present life situations, so we met with World Prophet the next evening for a past life reading.

In this reading, one can learn about one’s past lives, specifically the ones closest in the timeline to the present life.  These are the most related and pertinent to the events and situations in this life.  How many lives are revealed in the reading depends on how much good karma you have.  It is possible to see 1 to 5 total.

In X.’s reading, it was revealed that he was once a prince, once a famous scientist, and once an aristocrat who saved his village from an epidemic.  As a prince, he was very odd and unusual, mischievous and clever.  Even then, he questioned the meaning behind life’s mysteries.  As a scientist, he developed powerful weapons for his country out of patriotism, only to later find out that his weapons were used to aggressively conquer other countries in offensive warfare.  He became famous for his contributions, receiving honors from his country, yet he denounced his research and life as a scientist, for he was grief-stricken for his part in enabling brutality towards humans in other nations.  Finally, during his lifetime as an aristocrat, an epidemic spread quickly through his village, and he was committed to find a cure.  He gave up his life of nobility and elected to live with the villagers in order to devote himself to find a cure for the epidemic.  He finally discovered that the solution lay in using clean water.  As a result, the village was saved and he was revered by this townspeople as the God of Water.

In each lifetime, he was very odd and unusual compared to other humans, similar to what he experiences in this lifetime as well.  He possessed a special kind of genius in each lifetime, as he does in this life.  He accumulated a lot of good karma during the lifetime when he saved his village; he accumulated a lot of negative karma during his lifetime as a scientist who developed weapons for this country.  So from this past life reading, he could understand some of his qualities and situations in this lifetime.  Our life situations and personal qualities are sometimes remarkably similar to that in our past lives; only the setting and environment changes.  So when we look at past lives, we can have a deeper understanding of our present lives.

In addition, we can understand how our actions and contributions in past lives are the root causes for situations and events in the this lifetime.  This parallels the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Law of Conservation of Energy in physics:  the energy in a system is neither created or destroyed, just transformed from one state to another.  And also the Third Law of Thermodynamics:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So in direct ways, the Laws of Karmic Cause and Effect parallels the Laws of Thermodynamics in physics, which makes sense, since both are aspects of nature–one governing the visible/physical world, the other the invisible/spiritual world.  So the laws of Nature, whether physical or spiritual, follow the same principles.


I’ve landed in the San Francisco of Taiwan…

I’ve been transferred to Taichung, Taiwan, the new location of our Alien Museum.  It’s centrally located on the island, smaller in size than Taipei.  There are oodles of stylized, design-centric restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.  It feels like a combo of Europe and San Francisco, bundled together in a Taiwanese setting.  I didn’t know much about the city before coming, and once here, have since learned about the focus on quality of life, the slower pace, the appreciation for design and culture here.  It has been designed to provide a life of leisure and beauty.  It’s my kind of city, and somewhere I could set some roots down if I were so inclined.  But I know my time here is limited, so I will enjoy all the gems this city has to offer while here.  Pictures to come.  Some of the structures, architecture, interior design, etc. have stunned me with its beauty, more so in ways exceeding that of San Francisco.  There is a section of town called Little Europe, where eateries from various European and foreign countries reside.  Yes, I hope to eat my way through this pretty little town.  My waistline has already expanded in the week’s time I’ve been here, as the Taichung International Buddhist Temple’s Assistant Director is a foodie too and generously takes the students out to feast on a regular basis.  But as we remain inexplicably dedicated to our spiritual mission, our time allotted to feast may not as plentiful as my bacchanalian heart desires, but it’ll be enough to satisfy our palates and aesthetic appetites.


Prophet Soul Activation: The Frenchman’s First Step

A French Philosopher (continues)… Part 3

In the Prophet Soul Activation Process, your soul can ascend to higher levels of evolution.

So after Master Wu did the soul reading for X, we explained to him what his soul’s missions were (which were quite substantial, since he has Tian Ming 天命), and what areas his soul and person were being blocked.   In addition to explaining the roots of his issues, we also provided the means to address them.  In his case, because his load of negative karma was not high in comparison to others, his recommended solution was a basic spiritual/soul adjustment and clearing.  For him, a Prophet Soul Activation process was all that was need to address and clear his issues.

In this process, one’s most pertinent negative karmic portion is cleared, and any other major areas of blockage on the soul level are cleared.  And your soul is given the opportunity to evolve and progress under the guidance of the Master, which in effect expedites the evolution progress.  As a result, you find that you become more clear about all aspects of your life, body, mind and spirit become more aligned and united, allowing you to move forward with more clarity and force than before. Also because key karmic areas are cleared, you can move in life with more ease and assistance than before.  Opportunities that benefit you present themselves more readily; your ability to act effectively in all aspects in your life is noticeably enhanced. The reasons for these results are because as explained earlier, decreasing your karmic debt removes spiritual obstacles that create struggle and difficulties in life, so you can move forward unhindered.  And since your soul is given the opportunity to progress as well, body and mind can follow more easily the intentions of the soul, thereby leading you to action and forward progress that is in your highest interest.

People who elect to do this process have shared that they have noticeable, sometimes very significant results soon after it is done.

So after we explained the process and the effects and results to X, he immediately said, “Okay, I want to do it.”  I was actually startled and surprised by his immediate agreement to do it, since even for many native Taiwanese, people are skeptical or don’t understand; for many, it sounds like a story or make-believe or a false ruse or con.  Even if we assure people that the World Public Welfare Association has been in existence for 30+ years, and that surely if we were con-artists, then the tens of thousands of people who we have helped would have protested loudly and have us shut down.  Still, people are skeptical, and so we let them go.  We cannot help those who don’t believe or are unable to accept the possibility that this may be real and true.  Because enough people have faith and go forward and are truly helped, and these are the ones we are here to serve.

X. pulled out a stack of Chinese renmingbi, gangster-style, and started counting.  We were pleasantly startled at his immediacy of action.  “I just happen to have renmingbi on me…”  He did just get off the plane, so perhaps he was carrying his stack of bills to go exchange somewhere.  So immediately, on the spot, he paid full in cash.  He was ready, and he trusted.

We made an appointment with Master Wu the next evening.  There were many other people who were there to meet with Master Wu to have similar processes done.  It came to our turn, and Master Wu did the clearing and adjustment, which takes about 10 minutes.  During the process, he will ask the person about certain specific situations in his/her life, which no one else could know about.  For example, in X.’s case, Master Wu if he had lost a bag with documents in it in the past.  X. responded yes.  Master Wu said that these documents were very important to some people, and therefore had created negative karma for X.  In any case, Master Wu cleared that and all other significant karmic situations that were impeding X.’s forward progress at present.

Also guidelines were given for X. to follow, such as morning exercise, vegetarianism, meditation, etc.  These guidelines are very important to follow, because if followed, they allow the person who has had the clearing to be able to move forward on their new track in life.  If they don’t follow them, it is possible they may slip back into old patterns, back onto the pre-karmic clearing track.  So it is extremely important that people follow the guidelines, or else the karmic/spiritual work that was done on his/her behalf cannot be as effective.  The guidelines help the person maintain the new state of karmic balance and help them move forward in the direction that best benefits them, which is the end purpose of the work done.

At the end of the session, X. decided he also wanted to learn the Xian Tian I Ching.  This is something that not everything has the ability or necessity to learn; the Master has to see if it’s in your soul’s potential and purpose to do such work.  Since X. had been using the Hou Tian I Ching for 14 years already, he had a deep interest and knowledge of the philosophy of the practice, and wanted to learn our method because it exceeds the Hou Tian method in specificity, application and effectiveness.

Master Wu agreed to let him learn it on one condition:  that X. promised that he would transmit it to China.  “Of course, no problem,” X. agreed.


Why are We Here? Where do we come from? :: How to Know and Fulfill Your Soul’s Mission

I Ching Luo Pan :: Know Past, Present, Future

A French Philosopher…(continued)

As with all Master readings, it was pointed out what areas spiritually and soul-related were blocked, negatively affected or had some sort of problem.  This is because our I Ching practice is Xian Tien Problem-Solving I Ching (先天解困易經).  In this method of practice, our goal is to help people understand and be able to solve their problems, whether in the physical realm or the spiritual/soul realm.  And often times, blocks in the soul realm cause problems in the physical realm.  Though unaware, still this direct influence exists.  Especially for Westerners, we are less educated and exposed to these aspects of human existence.  But for traditions that have a long history, such as Chinese spiritual-philosophic traditions with a 10,000 + year history, these concepts are widely known and accepted.

So the reasons you are not able to succeed in your career despite your best efforts; or if you, time after time, are not able to find a good, lasting love relationship; or no matter how much money you make, you are not able to save it; these are all common scenarios that involve a spiritual root cause.  This concept is rooted in the principle that our souls have had many lives on Earth, through the cycle of reincarnation, and as a result have accumulated karma, good and bad, through this cycling of lifetimes.  Your good karma from past lives allows you to reap the benefits in this life (wealth, good fortune/luck, success in career/family/etc.); your bad karma is the reason for negative circumstances in this life (lack of good fortune/luck, relationships, success, struggle, difficulty in various aspects of life).  So in the Master reading, we are able to see what karmic reasons are creating difficult situations in this life.

Simply identifying the root of your problems provides only a measure of assistance; true help comes from also being able to provide the solution to the problem. This is the distinguishing characteristic of Xian Tien Problem-Solving I Ching (先天解困易經) that separates and elevates it from all other I Ching practices–the real-world capacity to help people to solve their life issues.

This method has re-appeared in the 21st Century because in this period of history more than any other, many people face serious issues they themselves are not able to solve, and many times don’t understand the causes of.  This is because humans have existed for 10,000+ years now, and by now we have accumulated a lot of negative karma in the process.

Regarding karma, for example if you harmed or killed someone in a past life, that serious portion of negative karma will come to collect in this life.  This is because when you do harmful actions in the past, it means that you consequently owe a karmic debt for your actions.  So the soul of the person, animal or other sentient being you harmed will come to collect its debt at some predestined point in your present life.  This debt collection manifests itself in many possible ways, all of which challenge you in some aspect of your life, resulting serious obstacles, struggle, strife or even physical harm.

We as humans have all done harmful things in our past lives, that is why we are still here are humans.  Yet we have also done good things too, else we would reincarnate into lower realms, such as animal realms or hell realms.  So because have by now had many, many lifetimes of accumulated negative karma, we need assistance to clear, mitigate and transform some of this karma.  How can we do this?

By the natural laws of the Universe, which include the physical and spiritual, doing good deeds, being virtuous and the like create more good karma.  However, this in and of itself does not decrease your accumulated negative karma.  So in the 21st Century, we need a means and method to not only create more good karma, but more pertinently, decrease and ultimately clear our storehouse of negative karma.

And thus the re-appearance of the method rooted in the age-old Dao Tong (道統) philosophy.  Elaboration on the Dao Tong will take many volumes, so I will save that for another time.  But the basic principle of the Dao Tong is to guide people, things, situations, actions, etc. back to its purest essence, its original nature, in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe and Existence. So how can we guide people back to original path/essence?

The first step is to help the solve the problems that are blocking their forward progress.  And as we discussed, many problems have spiritual karmic roots.  So we must be able to somehow help people decrease and clear negative karma.  How to do this?

This is not something that can be done on one’s own.  We must receive the assistance and guidance from a Master who has the capability of helping on this front.  In the terminology of the ancient Chinese spiritual traditions, a Master who has the “mandate from Heaven” to assist on this level on behalf of those Heaven and Earth (Tien Di) deems appropriate to help.  In essence, many people will encounter problems that prevent them from forward progress, so this kind of Master can help them clear portions of their negative karma that are the root cause of the problem.

Why does Tien Di allow for this type of assistance?  According to many spiritual traditions, humans are souls that incarnate into body form in order to fulfill their specific mission or purpose for being on Earth.  Some souls have greater missions, that which we refer to as “Tian Ming” (天命), missions that affect a large portion of humanity.  Some souls have missions to help uplift humanity, or “Jiu Shi Ming” (救世命).  The remainder majority of souls have missions affecting their family, career, or some other aspect of life.

In any case, souls want to complete their missions, else they come back again and incarnate into a new human body with a new human life.  In order to assist humans and souls to be able to move forward and complete their missions, Tien Di allows for the Master to clear the portion of negative karma that is preventing them from proceeding in life.  The rest of the negative karma clearing is up to the individual, through their own efforts in spiritual action and practice.  But the remaining clearing is also best done with a Master who knows the appropriate methods and actions to do so.

In this way, the Master removes the obstacle(s) blocking the path, so that the person can now move forward and be in action to fulfill their life’s purpose. Otherwise, the person may be stuck for many, many years before being able to truly move forward in some fashion.  This way, the process of karmic reconciliation is accelerated drastically, leaving more time and means to walk back onto the path the person is supposed to follow, to ultimate complete their soul’s mission and purpose for incarnating on Earth.

And what about knowing and understanding your soul’s mission?  Most people in the world do not know.  Why?  This is because many of us, because of life circumstances, distractions or ignorance, are not aligned and connected with our souls.  We as humans are like a car; the soul is the driver, the body is the car.  Oftentimes, the car wants to go one direction, the driver another.  But who should be in charge, the driver or the car?  It is the driver who know the ultimate destination; the car itself may want to veer off course, or make unnecessary pit stops, etc. out of whim, fancy, desire, etc.  So it is a great pity that the majority of humanity is a car that ignores its driver, so it never gets to where it really should go, the destination that inspired the trip in the first place.  It is this destination where the true meaning and purpose of the trip lie.  There is the quote, “The journey is the destination,” which I believe in as well.  My interpretation of this is that the process of life is most important.  However, we shouldn’t forget the reason for the process itself.  Why have the process to begin with?  Because ultimately, through vigilant and sincere effort and learning from the process, we do arrive at the place we are supposed to be.  The journey and destination are equally important; one cannot exist without the other.  Without a destination in mind, you could possibly keep going in circles; without wisdom and experience gathered from the process, you would lack the insight to allow you to keep moving forward and evolving past where you were before, thereby progressing towards your highest goal.

Back to soul missions, a few are clear about what they are here to do; most of us are not and need guidance, again from a Master who can know and see your soul’s mission.  So through the work of the World Public Welfare Association, by utilizing the Xian Tian I Ching, people’s physical and spiritual problems, the solutions to these problems, and the purpose our souls came to Earth can be seen and provided.

For 12 years I had sought the answers to these central life questions:  Why are we here?  Where do we come from?   How can I be truly happy?  My attempt to answer these questions led me on a journey that included meditation, Buddhism, yoga, New Age spirituality, and numerous methods of healing and spiritual practice.  However, though the practices allowed me to find more peace in my heart, they didn’t answer these deep existential questions.  It was only in the last place on Earth I personally would look to find them, that the answers appeared.

So here, in Taiwan, I found without looking, the Master and the association that provide the answers to these questions, as well as the guidance and support to lead you to not only knowing, but also being in action with the answers to life’s most important questions.


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A French Philosopher Arrives at The Museum of Alien Studies

1888 Alien Species on display at the Museum of Alien Studies

Lately, my days are filled to the brim. Usually with mystical subjects laid upon real life action and experience. A few weeks ago, the World Public Welfare Association opened yet another new branch, this one housing 1888 alien species:  the Museum of Alien Studies. My soul immediately bid for and attained the Museum’s Assistant Director position. And my body was excited, because the subject of aliens has captivated my interest and research and hopes for harmonious contact for a good measure of time.

Many magical occurrences and synchronicities have appeared since the Museum’s opening. First, we’ve had newspaper, web and TV reporters come to cover the museum almost everyday since the opening, through no marketing/PR effort of our own. Somehow, a leading Taipei newspaper reporter found out about our opening, attended the Opening Ceremony, and quickly wrote an article covering the Museum. The morning after it was published, we received hundreds of phone calls inquiring about the museum, and close to that many visitors in the coming 2 or 3 days. Since that time, we’ve had reporters from Singapore and Hong Kong travel to cover the museum as well.

So now when you type “Alien Museum” in Chinese in the Yahoo! search engine in Taiwan, the first few entries feature articles on the museum. It’s been a media sensation that is spreading to the international scene.

The Museum’s existence allows the public to be exposed to and learn about alien cultures, wisdom and existence. It provides a view and information that is not found elsewhere in the world. And above all, it provides the platform for interested parties–scholars, researchers, scientists, etc.–to come share and exchange ideas and research among each other, in cooperation with our own research teams. The ultimate goal being to understand and apply knowledge on how alien intelligence, wisdom, and energy technology can be applied to assist human development, evolution and survival.


Last Sunday, the existence of the museum allowed for a French philosopher and humanitarian to find his way to understanding his mission and purpose in life.

The circumstances of his arrival were predicated on destiny, spiritual alignment and mystical synchronicity. And even right now, in this very moment, the curious synchronicities continue… This morning he departed back to China, where he is Director of a French government-sponsored school of French language and cultural exchange, yet today, my soul led me to a cafe that is reminiscent of a French sidewalk cafe, and as I sit and write, there are 3 young French ladies speaking their mother tongue next to me. It is quite an unusual occurrence to hear French spoken in Taipei, and here I have unwittingly encountered 3 French ladies in a relatively hidden cafe in the alleyways of Taipei. (It should be noted too, that one young lady had been sitting here with her Chinese-American friend for a couple of hours before the 2 others arrived, on a separate social occasion from the first.) So the French philosopher’s spirit and presence are still here, accompanying me as I journal the story of his trip here.

And it must be shared and saved in the binary code of our virtually connected world, because it marks the beginning of one courageous, committed soul’s journey to fulfill his life mission that will affect people of influence in China and abroad.

For the purposes of confidentiality and personal security, we’ll call him X. It was his first trip to Taiwan. His original purpose for coming was for a marketing training for his French school in China. Shortly after he touched down in Taipei, somehow, he found his way to the Museum’s front door. By a matter of great synchronicity and alignment, his hotel and Taipei-based French school were located just across the street from the museum. Still, the museum is not so easily found if not specifically looking for it. Later, he shared that his soul led him there, as it had been doing a lot recently, leading him to meetings with strangers who gave him help or information that he needed at the moment.

From our perspective, it was cosmic alignment as well. We were just beginning to practice and train our museum guide staff to give museum tours. This practice was indeed hard for me to do in Chinese, since it involves a great deal of advanced vocabulary in science, philosophy, history and the like, in addition to knowledge about alien research in the world. However, I was committed to slowly learning the language around this topic, and joined in the training.

We had just begun, perhaps only 5 minutes into the role play of giving the tour, when I noticed him outside the entrance, peering curiously at the Chinese sign “外星人博物館“ (Museum of Aliens). I wasn’t sure he could read Chinese, and even more unsure of his stance on aliens. For the average person, especially for Westerners, a Museum of Aliens may likely be regarded as fru fru or a hoax. Nevertheless, I invited him to come in and check it out, and he, to my gentle surprise, accepted.

Still, not knowing yet his outlook on the subject, I treaded carefully with my language in describing our museum and its research and information available. The Museum Research Team, based upon historic mystical knowledge and present day esoteric studies, has determined that aliens are humans’ ancestors and protectors. This view is not commonly acceptable to the average Westerner, and quite possibly ridiculed. Yet, as a representative of the museum and someone who has corroborated this view with my own research, I presented the information fully.

During the tour, we found out a little more about his background. His soul, quite powerful we found out later, sent electrical impulses to our Master, who immediately called the museum to find out more about his background. It is not everybody who can and will contact the Master this way, and the first time I had seen that occurrence with someone who was not already studying with the Master.

Of course we didn’t immediately share this information with him, since we weren’t entirely sure of his spiritual background and viewpoint. As the tour progressed, though, he shared more and more of his own research and study on aliens and spiritual-philosophic wisdom, and we realized he was of like mind and spirit.

After the tour, we offered him a Xian Tian I Ching consulation that comes complimentary with museum admission. The reading described X’s special qualities and attributes, as well as central life focuses. He affirmed the reading’s accuracy, and spoke more about how lately he has been feeling more and more aligned with the cosmic flow of his life events. He said that he felt like he has a mission, to help people. I asked him if he knew what it was, and he said no.

I too had come across the Xian Tian I Ching in a similar situation. At the time I encountered the I Ching, I was facing the same central life question: What is my purpose on Earth? It was a question I had been asking for several years, and for which I had seriously pursued the answer in the last couple of years before asking the I Ching.

So I knew his sincere desire and need to know, as many of us who question life’s purpose have. I suggested he receive a consultation from one of our Masters, who can see what missions our souls came to Earth to complete. He quite easily agreed, for he was open to the possibility of finding the answer to this most important life question.

The association’s Buddha Master was present at the time, but had the intuition that our highest Master, Master Wu, should do the reading for him. She felt he was not her “yuan fen” or predestined affinity or relationship. [Yuan fen is a deep-rooted cultural and philosophical concept in Chinese cosmology. The idea relates that we encounter, have relationships with, and meaningful (positive and negative) exchanges with those our souls have yuan fen with. If you don’t have yuan fen with someone, your connection will not proceed far into the future, or you will not encounter each other at all. People, things, pursuits we have yuan with are ones that we have a karmic relationship with from past lives. If you feel you automatically have a deep connection with someone, likely you have deep yuan fen with that person, rooted in past life relationships.)

So outside of ordinary procedure, Master Wu decided to come to the museum to personally do the reading for X. It should be noted that Master Wu will only do this if he has the intuition, or a directive from Tien Di (Heaven and Earth/God/the Universe) to do it. Even if the President requests a meeting, if doesn’t have the intuition or a directive to do it, he will not come. And in addition, because the type of matters Master Wu addresses daily, which are of national and international
significance, he is extremely busy, often only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night; he is actively fulfilling Tien Di’s missions and directives for the remaining 20 hours, rarely stopping to rest. So in short, it was a special occasion that Master Wu came specifically to do the reading for X.

The reading revealed that X’s mission included education and research regarding alien intelligences, so it was no coincidence that his soul led him directly to the Museum right after he arrived in Taipei. And indeed, just before leaving the museum that evening, X shared that he was so surprised and excited to find everything that he was interested in–aliens, spiritual & philosophical wisdom and a Master that could guide him–in one building, and that he had dreamed of doing the very work the I Ching said he was here do to, but didn’t know how to do it. He had finally found what he had been looking for.

End Part 1, Part 2 to come…


Down the Rabbit Hole…

I’ve been in Taiwan for one year and 9 months now. It feels like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and haven’t looked back since. Now I find myself immersed in an entirely new reality, new existence and new purpose.

Before coming to Taiwan, I prayed to the Universe to show me my purpose for being here on Earth. I had lived in San Francisco, New York, Hawaii, India, and dabbled in writing, editing, photography, film and video and devoted myself towards spiritual evolution for about 10 years, and I was ready to move forward and take action towards my higher spiritual purpose. I lived in Paradise (Big Island, Hawaii) for a year, and had no idea what to do next, after that blessed experience.

I traveled to India to practice yoga at an ashram and travel a bit. I even considered devoting myself to some sort of ashram life, but that didn’t quite click with me. But what was it I was supposed to do?

After India, I had planned to visit Thailand, but felt called to visit Taiwan sooner than later in my travels. I saw my grandmother’s image in my mind’s eye, and felt she was calling me there to visit. So I did.

Taiwan was the last place I expected to find my purpose, but there it was. I had always had a tenuous relationship with Taiwan in my mind. It represented all the childhood pressures, cultural restrictions, conflicting social norms and generally suppressive tradition that I felt suffocated by from the Chinese side of my Chinese-American heritage. Add on a disorientation from my relatives there, who were tied by blood but separated by great distance and difference in lifestyle, and I got a heaping mass of confusion, conflict and unease about Taiwan.

Nevertheless, it had been 15 years since my last visit, and my grandmothers were both advancing in age, so I felt it was time to go.

Part 2 to come…